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Claps Taps Snaps Leather Beats


Welcome to My presence, today you will find out about My rhythm, you will live form close these leather beats. Its holiday season and for that we need to celebrate ! This is a video for you to enjoy during these time of free day and festivities. The video starts by showing close up of My leather boots, ferocious, dangerous pointy high high boots tapping over the wooden floor. you move up all the way with your eyes and you discover My perfect real leather pants, the classic ones, that you most like. I invite you to dance with me to have fun and to forget al your worries. Listen to the snapping of My leather gloved fingers,and look at the movement of My latina hips. Can you feel the beat? can you feel the hot rhythm I have running thru My veins ? It is such a perfect glaze ! I tease your senses with My words and all the layers of leather I am wearing and you feel once again so happy to have found Me.   You are a real follower of My magic, of My art, of My leathers, of My laughter and of the way I dance.   13:06 360 MB MP4 HD 1080

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