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Burgundy Leathered Gooning Experince : bring your leather



First scene :

This videos starts with an introduction about why we should love the burgundy color. I make you understand that its all about Me.

Im sitting on the sofa with my legs extended you are able to see all My pants and at the end you get a glimpse of the a nylon foot and high



Second Scene :

Now in a different angle, some how mor eintimate and this time with the legs complely facing you I invite you to wear a leather outfit,

to match Mines.

you hear the sounds of My leathers and you love them. you want More.

I concentrate on My crotch, this time wearing My burgundy leather gloves.I describe how I feel about the moment and how a complete

leather outfit on you makes Me feel.


Third Scene:

I ask you to focus on My back and leather ass and you keep gooning, the angle is focused on My round figures as I tell you to continue gooing

as I wave My hips to make you fall in a frensy, a gooing experience.

Bring your leathers if you have !

MP4 HD 1080


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