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Boot Pet Worshipper

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Good Evening! Look at you! Rendered completely helpless, addicted and vulnerable to your latina leatherĀ  Goddess in an instant. Enraptured as you're captured under the shiny spell of my divine Thigh high boots, gloves, and leather head to toe. This is an immersive experience under My teasing control, obey My every order immediately. The clap of My gloved hands is a command, strip naked, kneel, grovel before My boots and get ready to leak and lick like never before. My boot pet join me today for a domination session that we will enjoy a lot. Teaching you how to bark is one of your chores today, listen and repeat it. ha ha! Listen to yourself, boot slave, your are so funny, I love making fun of you, it is very entertaining. your purpose is learn how to crawl down to me to worship, placed yourself on the floor and with your senses 100% attentive to me. Today is the moment to become a real worshipping slave, one ready to give and not receive anything as pay were born to smell my leather and be smothered with between my thighs and my leather crotch. Teasing you just how I like, to lure you to that euphoric slave space, lost under My addictive spell .My boot slave, stroking as you stare at My boots. These boots you would do anything to kiss, lick and worship every inch. your leaking cock is My toy, and I'm in the mood to play.Crawl over here boot slave.

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