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Boot and Jeans licking service


First Scene : In this scene Reina is sitting down, and then stands up looking impatently. She awaits what seems to be a bar or restaurant.She wears her jacket, tight pocketless jeans and thigh high black boots. Her legs are crossed. At some point you can see the angle focusing on the back part of the jeans as she is standing up. She pulls the zipper of Her jacket totally up and calls you, she raises her hand and waits for you to arrive.   Second Scene : At this point Reina speaks about how disapointed She is and threatens you with complaining to your boss. She coerces you to worship her boots as She places her legs on top of the table and show her pink soles for you to do what you have to do. you are able to see her denim legs, perfect hair moving and then She moves you closer to Her.   Third Scene : you are able to see this time froma lower and closer angle her long boots  almost like if you were under the table, you like it so much, you can almsot smell them. She stands up  and then over the chair to tease you the way she loves. you love it. you want more but She feels She is completely satisfied and doest let you do anything else but admire Her, and nothing else.   12:25 148 MB MP4 HD 1080
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