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Bed time long leather coat predator



The video starts when you see her bootin uo with those long leather thigh high boots.

Everything changes and you want it to change. you want to fel her soft nylon legs but you cant, you want to fuck her hard, but you

cant, at least not yet. She commnads everything, she has all the control and the final word.


She sees how mentally excited you get for Her and that onformation is power for Her.

She stays laying ont he floor for some time and then stands up and thats when you see all the grace.

She invites you playfully to play with Her slit, to go through it. Its fun and exciting.

But then its time to sleep, She whispers and tell you to go to sleep.

Good Night.

Long leather coat with a slit, pantyhose legs, thigh high boots, gloves.

Buy it, its pure sensuality.

  249 MB
MP4 HD 1080


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