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Ball Busting RItual


We so want to have fun today little bitch! we want and we will tie your hands and feet with these metal handcuffs little boot bitch.There is no better pleasure than anticipating what will happen yo you next, all we are willing to do. Take a look at these boots. Takea¬† close look , can you see they are comfotable and perfect for busting your tiny testicles? Can you guess how hard 4 boots could kick you and what consequences this will bring. Probably devastating ones. We promise it will be fun, we warm up , we exercise our leg muscles. Each one of these boot toes¬† will smack your malehood, dear boot boi. It is a ritual! Its a ritual for you because you will worship the boots that will kick you. Peter pan boots and knee high boots will be the tool of entertainment.  

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