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Abussive Officer

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I have been informed that there are some irregularities and you have been intriducing illegal substances . As this is not tolerated Ill make a search all over your body. My gloved hands will reach all your hidden holes. I don´t like to be annoyed with extra work. I am officer Reina and will be incharge of supervising all your steps in this prision,amd life for you will go as follows: Every time you see me you will get on bended knee and wish the floor I steo, you will be fed with the dirt from my shoes and boots and your drink will be my saliva. It might quench your thirst but it will entertain Me to every bits.   your place belongs on the floor, from now on, suffer your punishment but with Me and for Me. We will establish a strict line, that  you wont be able to cross. Im a police officer yes, a bully, yes? Very abussive? yes but who cares if its all for my pleasure.

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