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2 cumshots 4 bots

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Reina appears in front of you wearing her pair of  black wellies, shiny boots, glossy ones of course. She tells you that she wants to play with you, invites you to move closer to her so you can have a better view of her royal boots. She is right. She is always right. She has some clear commands  for you and you are severely attracted to that view and you just want more. She knows this. She has a simple request and you will do it, because you know if you do it you will get a reward and she keeps all her promises.   She gives you the opportunity to be happy today, do not  waste it. Another pair of boots is waiting lets get them on and start all over again! you were made to cum for these boots, twice today!  you genital are mine and I need them pumping out  cum right now! Buy this video and dont loose the chance to watch two pairs of glossy wellies on her royal feet.   This video contains: #POV #FEMDOMPOV #RUBBERBOOTS #NUDEPANTYHOSE #UPSKIRT #LEATHERFETISH

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