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I’m waiting for you – hidden boots



I have been waiting for you, after a long day of work what you need is a perfect teasing moment with Me, you boot goddess.

from the first second you have been trying to guess how long the shaft of My boot is, right ? I know you very well.

Today I will be tickling that brain making you think how tall they go but this time in public.

what will you be willing to do for Me to show you the boot in public ?

would you wank in public for Me ??? perhaps misbehave and cum on your pants ?

oh dear! lets see that !

hear the countdown, look how passengers go by and watch you.


They are laughing and mocking you.

Im such an elegant lady and you used to be a very elegant man until you saw Me.

Now you belong below the sole of My boots.

Lets start this game.

368 MB
MP4 HD 1080


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