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How I began selling My clips



This is a video based on a true story of how and why I decided to sell clips .

I was during Valentines day after my boyfriend and camera man made me discover me everything about ca website he used. He told Me about how he could download videos and that he wanted Me to appear in one just to spice up the relationship.

Since it was Valentines day I delicided to give it a try and found out I really enjoyed it. Now I didnt finish the video with out asking him to do something for me.

I ended up telling him about what was tease and denial and taught him a little game, which speced up and was a great preliminars for the best valentines hot night .

At the end thats what love is about , giving and receiving something from the other, a small transaction of experinces and emotions.


Until today making clips is one of the things that really makes my imagination grow and its all thanks to him.

This video is to show you that opening up your mind to unexperienced things could bring you JOI.



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