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My relationship with My slave, Mia

Oour relationship started thru social media, like many other nowadays. I had been looking for a female slave for sometime with no luck at all.

When you know someone on the internet everything counts to create a nice  feeling between the two parts and Mia has always had that. I saw someonething in her deep blue eyes that made Me want to know her more.

I found her attractive eventhou I could see little about her, but I could sense she was pure and could be good material.

I took Me some moths to get to have a decent conversation with her and conviced myself that I wanted to know more about her.

Its been a relationship that has changed my mind and my heart. The fact that she is a woman, adds a special touch to the whole adventure. The sensibility of a woman is something unique creating ana mazing sync. We are very close even thou Wwe live in different cities.

she has tought me how to love with intensity and feel her love in a daily basis, every single day since I have known her. I invite you to find more about Uus !

visit her website to see more pictures and videos.


I am not around at the moment.I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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