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Tag: Smoking fetish


It is time for Nella to shine of her own. you will discover her in her natural state. Doing what she loves doing best : smoking a cigarette and wearing tight leather clothes on her skin. you can evidence it on this video. The walk and teasing mood is flawless and the way she grabs […]



He ordered a video : I would love a video of you wearing your black leather high heel boots doing a pee pee dance while smoking a cigarette. You can wear any leather suite or jacket you prefer. In the video I’d like you to role play you on your smoke break from work but […]



Today I am spending some quality time with Nella Shine. you think you have two options…worshipping her feet of worshippong My boots. Things turn out to be different. Nella places her feet over the table and I help her remove them so you get a perfect view of her wrinkled soles. Her tender toes and […]


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