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Tag: PVC trousers


A cat and a leather Queen side by side in your front porch. What a magnificent sight ! Reina Leather trains her cat, teaches her few tricks like how to drink fresh milk from a plate, how to say MEOW, and how to pull down her zippers. It sounds like an amazing adventure. The cat […]


Shiny object of pleasure (gif)

you become nothing else than an object for my pleasure and amusement. I treat you as a furniture piece, that feels no fatigue or any pain at all ; your hand follow and touches My body as a caressing machine which can only do as told. you have stopped been yourself to be improved for […]


The Miás Boot licking and Ass Smothering

This video shows a boot worship session with my slave Mia and how she gets the lucky chance to receive facesitting as the sounds penetrate her senses. Mia licks, kisses and worships every single spot and gets rewarded as she feels the weight of My bottom over her face. Sounds are very clear in this […]


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