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Tag: Pointy leather boots

The your chastity makes Me happy gif

Watching Me wear leather is a privilige and I will you but you must be in chasity. This cage is what you need, what I will give you, this cage will make you focus on Me 100%. I deserve all the attention you can give Me. This chasitity device keeps your mind working only for […]


The self leather pleasure gif

I wear my pantyhose and my new leather coat in front of the camera. It is a huge pleasure to hear the sounds. I know you agree with Me. No dialogue in this POV video. Only my leather’s sounds. ——————————————— Uso mi nuevo abrigo en este video además de mis medidas /panty medias. ¿ Es […]


The get under My coat

I try to persuade you so you find out what am I wearing under this long coat. what would it be ? Am I naked ? completely naked ? perhaps partially…. ! you are dying to find out. Come some steps closer and find out. Enjoy the perfect shaped legs and find out ! I’m […]


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