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Tag: Over the knee boots

The your chastity makes Me happy gif

Watching Me wear leather is a privilige and I will you but you must be in chasity. This cage is what you need, what I will give you, this cage will make you focus on Me 100%. I deserve all the attention you can give Me. This chasitity device keeps your mind working only for […]


The get under My coat

I try to persuade you so you find out what am I wearing under this long coat. what would it be ? Am I naked ? completely naked ? perhaps partially…. ! you are dying to find out. Come some steps closer and find out. Enjoy the perfect shaped legs and find out ! I’m […]


The boot reward crushing gif

Mistress Reina’s slave Mia wants some of her Queen’s snack, she is invited to eat it from the bottom of Her luxurious high heeled boots. Mia has to lick every single bits of cream and leave the boot soles shiny. After tasting the sweet flavor of Her boots she gets some spit directly to her […]


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