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Tag: Outfits

Leather language 2 (gif)

Sometimes words are not needed in this case to watch Me get ready to go out today. This full leather outfit will keep your eyes peeled for sure. There are no words on this videos, but you might find one or another moan, nothing but a leather language between you and Me. In this video […]


the you brought me back to life gif

A daily mantra, a morning reminder that I am your Queen and that you were almost gone in ashes and I brought you back to life. I spculped you again into the shape you have. Mistress Reina, the shinest of them All, gave you another chance. Now you are here to worship and dedicate your […]


The catwoman transformation gif

As I arrive home, I see a Catwoman outfit that I want to try. Just look at how I wear it step by step, take a look at every angle. Enjoy the softness of the leather coat and boots and the mistery look of my cat hood. I’m cat woman now, do you have some […]


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