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Tag: High heels boots

The Foot Kissing Tax

I know all the weaknesses of My slaves. Mia’s one is her complete addiction to My feet. I have always wanted to see what she could spend to kiss them. Today she will have to pay to have the right to kiss My Divine feet. But it won’t cost her , I want ALL her […]


LatinaBlackMail Power (gif)

Look what a coincidence ! you have been buying my videos and today I found out we live int he same building ! I’m glad I found out because Ive told you in my already that information is power and now I have it all. What will I do with all this information ? all […]


The dangling boss gif (2)

Monday. A brand new day. A substitute boss. Pretty, grea shaped legs. you see her Dangling. she posses you with her foot aroma. she wins a mind fucked servant. Its your end.   9 minutes 290 MB MP4 HD 1080


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