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Tag: Gucci boots

The femme fatale smoke gif

The cigar smoke has an effect over the prey. It paralizes the victim from the neck to the tip of the toes. It makes the victime unable to move, not even for self pleasure. The cigar smoke opens your eyes really wide but lets you stif and zombie. you will start speaking, I will destroy […]


The shiny triggers gif

In this session I try to find out what really triggers your mind. Is it the soothing sound of my leather, is it my voice, my perfect shaped nylon legs legs, my luxurious boots ? I gather all the info needed and from what I can conclude is that ITS my WHOLE self that triggers […]


The french maid pays gif

My French slave Mia serves Me by doing my domestic chores today. she does a wonderful job at tidying up except that she forgets to remove a stain on my luxurious Gucci boots. I use it as an excuse to put her face under my red pvc coat and punish her bottom with the leather […]


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