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Tag: Glasses fetish

The 100percent gif

I am investigating, gathering information to find out how you behave in front of Me. sweating ? High heart rate ? excitement ? perhaps you might be aroused, if so I will take you with Me and keep you for ever under my skirt. Listen to my voice, smell my aroma and become mine ! […]


The dangling boss gif (2)

Monday. A brand new day. A substitute boss. Pretty, grea shaped legs. you see her Dangling. she posses you with her foot aroma. she wins a mind fucked servant. Its your end.   9 minutes 290 MB MP4 HD 1080


The doctor reinolds switches your addiction gif

Mistress Reina has sent to therapy her slave Mia who has developed a smoking addiction. Doctor Reinolds will exchange her smoking habit for a boot addiction, she brain washes her brain to make her addicted to her therapist. Boots of her face, face and breast sitting will take part in this psychologist who takes advantage […]


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