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Category: Shiny Clothing


She has been waiting for you, you do not  believe Her, She is just trying to call your attention and trick you. She has prepared the fruit with Her magic potion to trap you, once you bite it, you will stop being you. She wants to paralize your brain and muscles. She wants to command […]


The smooth baloon friction gif

The party is still on and I have a game for you. If the balloons burst while I rub them against My shiny purple pants you wont be allowed to orgasm, if I manage to orgams with out having them popped you have total freedom to join Me. what will happen ? should I rub […]


The I am your fantasy gif

Let´s be honest. I have been in your deepest fantasy during all these years. Not only yours, everyonen else´s! I like been watched, I lovel calling your attention, in the streets. It’s my weapon. I take different shapes, your leather mistress, your leather lover, your Dr Reynolds controling your Mind among others. No matter what […]


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