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Category: punishment


Calamity Reina imposes Her figure and character with a pair of thigh high boots, the brown ones, your favourites. There is no teasing in this video it is more a quickly of pain for you and pleaure for Her. 8 minutes of whips and crop. Try your luck this time by choosing a card and […]



Madame Macabre finds out you havent done the boot homework, she finds out you have failed the assignment and as its obvious you will need to pay. The training session consists in you learning the position She requires from her slaves, also testing the different punishment objects, like the crop and the powerful cane. She […]



you have been sent to My domain to adjust your threads and pull some strings. Ill be happy to keep you with Me and keep you denied , and punsished to test your discipline and endurance. you have been usuing too much your sexual energy and pleasures and its been enough, basically because you were […]


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