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Category: Orgasm Control


It is time to go to the beach and as its normal I avoid lycra, instead I wear My extremely tight leather dress, a coat and knee high boots. I can’t wait to so to the sea shore and put My feet in the refreshing water, a must during this holiday season. Then watch how […]



It is time to go to the beach, this time the caribbean and I go from My beach dress to My favourite leather dress coat and this time a pair of boots. Watch My boots in the sand  to tease you and make you My summer leather slave. The change is very imrpessive and you […]



I have recorded this video espcially for you, We need osme quality together and how about letting you choose a card, I will flip it around to know if you are punished or get a rewards. Both ways I will win eighter by watch¡ng you suffer with My command to stop or by watching you […]


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