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Category: Food & Object Crush


Kira Kruish hits again wearing her colombian jeans, a pair of sandals, and a leather jacket. Her victim is a small yellow bath duck which she finds on the floor. The color makes it delicous squashable and so she starts very softly and then uses all her strength until she has enough. Imagine how it […]


The crushin cars hunters gif

you find Me in Our step-son’s bedroom trying to organize the toys, when I discover the sound of plastic cars under my boots. I start playing with them, first very slowly and then it increases. Sudendly I come over you to give you the boot job of Our lives. Back shots of my Levi’s 501 […]


The boot reward crushing gif

Mistress Reina’s slave Mia wants some of her Queen’s snack, she is invited to eat it from the bottom of Her luxurious high heeled boots. Mia has to lick every single bits of cream and leave the boot soles shiny. After tasting the sweet flavor of Her boots she gets some spit directly to her […]


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