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Category: Leggins Fetish


This weekend Mia and I gathered and after holding the crop for some time I used her to worship and kiss My leather clad bottom. My shiny cheeks on her face, smothered her making her fall in a perfect trance of submission, frenzy and excitement. We both started to feel very aroused. I invited her […]


The Leather Intimacy

You have been waiting for this to arrive and finally the fantasy is here. You and Me alone in this room on a date. First of all I want you to also wear some leather for Me. Then just listen the cracking sounds of my different outfits. Tight skirt, short vintage jacket, black pantyhose and […]


The BrainWashing to drain

Brainwashing you takes Me to the beginning of an exciting journey for Uus. I use my lips, my body to mind control you, every time. I look at your eyes and you feel how I consume your energy and let you bounded, used, helpless. It is time to drain you and see how my mind […]


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