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Category: Erotic Magic


We find you at this party, a valentine’s party and discovered your eyes go directly towards our booted legs. and what a discovery !!! Nothing could entertain My friend Isa and Me more than seeing you under a perfect trance. The drops will calm you, relax you alsmot completely until you feel completely focused on […]



Two shining witches, fake doctors, fake healers have conviced you to participate in this erotic spell. They have promised to improve your disfunction with your actual partner but the truth is that they will make now all the opossite ! They will be your permanent viagra, unsatiable hardness, they will make you a total chaos […]


Mindtoxicating Cigar Addiction (gif)

Mistress Reina smokes Her cigar in front of you because she is decided to make you completly addicted. you have been wanting this for long time, you crave to be relying on Me, used and dependant, and this smoke will finally help you give that step until you fall completly. you are trapped in Her […]


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